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May 3, 2019

Some b4 after shots ! A vintage relic piece is pretty tough to restore . You want to remove the dirt but yet , keeping the vintage relic look in place . The difference must be subtle , but it shouldn’t gross you out when you hold it .

Damage : RM299 ( excluding strings )
We’ve got free collection & delivery service in Klang Valley !

Apr 30, 2019

OmG , I bought one for our testing use . I’m in love . The gain is smooth like butter . Madness . My current favourite amps are

1. Clean & slight break : Suhr Badger 30
2. Drive and heavy : Friedman Pink Taco ( haven’t tried the OD50 yet )

Apr 27, 2019

Apart from being the coolest repair company in town , we’re also the distributor for Strandberg guitars . Stranberg’s makes amazing hi tech geeky guitars ( and is headless ) . Here’s how small it is .

Photo credit
Model : Mr Jedidiah Wong ( multiple award winning Producer ) 21:05 studios .

Apr 20, 2019

After running a pilot program for over 1 year , we’re ready to launch our latest product. No longer we need to lose huge $ when we’re looking to upgrade our guitars. Trade it in for a new one ( or even a used one ) stay tune

Apr 20, 2019

Rhodes is one if the sweetest sounding instruments on the planet . It’s 100% analog uses tone bars ( and it’s owned by fender ) every tone bar has a pickup . Here’s one that was sent in for pickup change . ( see the coil )

Have one for repair ? PM us !

Apr 13, 2019

One of the funnest repairs our tech’s did . Changing IC’s on multi effects ! Yes . We repair complex pedals too

Estimate damage : RM399 for digital products .

Apr 12, 2019

Bigsby’s probably the one thing that can “sex” up any guitars. I personally like Bigsby over Tele and some nice LP’s . But trouble is. No one’s gonna drill holes around a vintage piece . Thanks to modern tech , we can now retrofit Bigsby’s into anything WITHOUT a single drill .

Check with us on the options we carry !

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