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Dec 25, 2020

Controversial post ahead : don’t read if you senang marah about your home recording vs professional studio recording. *watch til the end for comparison.

First off, Merry Christmas everybody!

I’m trying a small myth buster at home, Throughout the whole restricted movement period, I have been experimenting with a few things on my own on the topic “is home recording really catching up to studio recording ?”

Over the years in the industry, there’s always been the debate about self-produce vs professional produced. It’s a fair question. Look at the variety of affordable studio gears, and the availability of recording knowledge that is floating on the internet. It seems to me anyone has the capability to self-produced right.

So I decided to try it as well. As you all know, I’m a lil gear head, my gears don’t fall short from recording studios, gathered some gears and record a short simple track in my home. Mix and master it myself. So putting gear aside, the only 2 variables would be 1. Skill of the recording engineer 2. Acoustics of the studio .

To test the hypothesis, I have call up an old friend of mine @bigaproductions to record the same track, using his gears and his skills to produce for me.

The result of the comparison is drastic, you decide yourself . I was blown away to say the lease. I took some time and made a video with a decent audio track for both of them. Watch the video in earphone/headphone and let me know what do you think?

So in my personal opinion, I believed that gears are important but it’s the knowledge & experience about recording that makes the difference.

After much thoughts and discussion, my team and I has come up with some ideas. Call it a side project from the JL Guitar Lease 2 Own. Something to do with recording, something to do with gears, something to do with epic padu producers. Stay tuned for more!

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