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*disclaimer* NOT a custom shop.
Jun 2, 2019

*disclaimer* NOT a custom shop.
AVRI sent for a heavy relic . Specific instructions to keep the neck brand new .

1. All hardware’s went thru oxidation process to make them looked worn for years. We chooses specific spots to make sure it’s authentic to our palm sweat but yet, not sever enough to affect the intonation screws.

2. We went for a 2 tone scrapping technique ( bare wood - white primer - lacquer ) to simulate years of friction from the arm rest, pick plane , strap & input jack over a thin nitro finishing .

3. Bubbling/clouding - simulating the incompatibility on the nitro over humidity. Normally happens right before it peels off.

4. Liquid nitrogen pour + heat gun : checks and natural looking cracks to simulate years of change in temperature.

5. A layer of activated carbon was applied to make the wood grain “pop” with grit.

I’ve to say that relic- is not for everyone. Specially when we took a brand new unit and scrap it down. More to come !

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