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Fret education :
Apr 7, 2019

Fret education :

Before getting a refret , make sure to understand what’s the new frets you’re getting into . Just by saying “medium jumbo” doesn’t mean anything . Here’s some info

1. Crown width ( here’s where you get you jumbo/medium term from )

2. But wait , there crown height ! Higher crown height gives you more free distance to the fretboard . Making bending “easier” as your finger touches the fretboard lesser . Does high crown give you a “scalloped” feel ? Sometimes , but only if it’s SO high until you can’t feel the fretboard . Vintage frets generally have a lower profile . Consult us if you want to know what’s the original profile like .

3. Tang width : now this is Super important . Buried underneath, you normally don’t see anything. But this affects the neck the most. Most bad Refret’s are done ignoring these tangs, too big will cause more compression and hence damaging the neck , too small will cause gaps in between the fret slots ( potential to warping the neck ) and worst of all. Sucks precious tone .

4. There’s also fret crown radius : how round you want the TOP of the frets to be. Gibson has a flatter top compared to others

Need to know what’s best for your frets ? Consult us ! pM us for more details .

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