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Hi guys.
Sep 5, 2017

Hi guys... this is my first attempt in trying to do a show .. support us if can ! We'll bring more awesome shows !! Promise !!

And as it's my first virgin attempt , I'm sure it's going to suck & fakap big time . But to make the maiden voyage easier, a few friends of mine has been nice enough to help me out to try to make this an awesome experience for everyone.

So here it is !
Watch Bumblefoot jam session with my buddies, Malaysian guitar legends like Sham Kamikaze , Wan Gigi, Az Samad & Adieu !

Tickets will be VERY affordable @ RM80 only for presale . And we can only sell 100 tickets . So grab them fast .

Date: 12th September ( Tuesday ) 8pm.
Venue : Playspace Damansara

3 options to pay :

1. https://guitarmob.com/products/bumblefoot-concert

2. Direct bank in
MBB: 112353033215
Name: John Lau Zheng-Hao
Email receipt to: Johnlauguitars@gmail.com

3. PayPal transfer: ( RM80)

PLEASE MAKE APPOINTMENT ( NO WALK-INS) 57 Jalan Beluntas , Medan Damansara
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