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Aug 13, 2021

Live Cari Gaduh - Guitar Setup Intonation & action DIY (Free guitar setup for 10 viewers) !!!

I’ll mythbuster sama all the Pro-Setup bullshit you dengar kat luar.
“Truss rod patah if tak tau pusing ”
“Intonation need special tuner and skill “
“Setup kena buat by a professional”
“Buat salah kantoi guitar”
And do you REALLY need to send your guitar for a pro setup ?
Malam nanti Q&A , tanyalah saya apa apa tentang guitar setup, intonation, and all the “dengar cakap otai” bullshit that was fed to you.
Saya also Akan ada 1 guitar to tunjuk kalian step by step buat intonation with just a free app. Tak payah tuner mahal mahal semua. Ada telephone cukup.
We’re also going to give away 10 free setups . Yes . 10 free setups ! For those who malas DIY . So watch la malam ini
Also, to all the Otai, come watch and challenge me. I’m sick of all your bullshit telling people things you don’t even understand. Come watch and let’s argue openly in public!
Malam 10pm today. See you!

PLEASE MAKE APPOINTMENT ( NO WALK-INS) 57 Jalan Beluntas , Medan Damansara
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