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Apr 4, 2019

How it works
👆Choose a suhr pickup range from us , get a quote . We’re starting with Suhr for now, more Brand’s to come soon.
✌️Get it installed in our center
Take it back immediately and rock it out for 1 week. Within one week :
🤟If you like it , keep it. If not , call is to arrange for another model ! Swapping is free ( including installation )
🖖Repeat step 3
Need more info , whatsapp link :
Tel: 0122666450

✍️Terma & syarat ( The Fine Prints )
💁‍♂️You may choose from our list of ready pickups. We carry also the full range of Suhr’s for now.
💁‍♂️You may change the pickups twice ( the 3rd one is in case you prefer back the 1st pickup you chose
🤷‍♂️At the end of each week, you must confirm whether to keep or exchange the pickup. the pickups equipped on your guitar is then considered yours to keep after 1 week time ( if you did not reach back out to us )
💁‍♂️If your next pickup value is higher , just top-up the difference in value if the value of the next pickup.
🙆‍♂️If you wish to exchange to lower value pickups, the balance will only be refunded at the end of the program ( 1 week) , after you have decided on a pickup.
💁‍♂️You may request for wiring mods to complement the new pickups, however there will be somecharges for parts if you would like Super switch/mega switches. Check with us on mod options to see if it makes sense for your guitar tone.
Warranty limitation:
🙅‍♂️any damage to the pickup while in your custody is considered sold.
🙅‍♂️Removing the pickups voids warranty
🙅‍♂️Modifying the pickups voids warranty

PLEASE MAKE APPOINTMENT ( NO WALK-INS) 57 Jalan Beluntas , Medan Damansara
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