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Rent hi-end Guitar Amps as Low as RM149!
Aug 30, 2021

Rent hi-end Guitar Amps as Low as RM149!
We have
EVH 5150 head with matching 4x12 cab
Fractal Axefx3
Fender Twin Reverb blackface reissue
Marshall JCM900 with Marshall UK 4x12 cabs
Aguilar 721 with 4x10 Aguilar cabinets
Jackson Ampworks Scarlett head & matching cab
Friedman BE mini & Mesa boogie 2x12 rectifier cab
Vox AC30
Marshall YJM100 & Matching 4x12 cabinet
Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier & matching mesa cabs

PLEASE MAKE APPOINTMENT ( NO WALK-INS) 57 Jalan Beluntas , Medan Damansara
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