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Rent High-End Guitars for as low as RM159!
Aug 29, 2021

Rent High-End Guitars for as low as RM159!
JL Guitars has been the synonymous name in high end since 2007. And now, we want everyone to have access to these beautiful instruments!

As we do not collect deposits,we’re only serving KL&PJ areas for now . And here’s what you’ll need to rent one ( or even 3 home )

- an active FB/insta social account. We need to know you’re a legit human.
- stay within KL/PJ ( as were based around here)
- have an online banking ( we do verification there)
- have a TNB/Astro/Indahwater/ any ultility bill to prove your residence.

1. Do you have other guitars ?
- we’ve got 3 ranges , electric guitars , acoustics & Amps . Check out our main company page with the same ad’s image style.
2. Is it including delivery
- no, you’ll have to pay for Lalamove or grab .
3. Can I collect it myself ?
- first time customers, no . We need to know where you’re staying at. Repeat customers yes !
4. What does 3 days mean ?
- Max of 72 hours, you can return it earlier.
5. What happens if there’s damages
- if you see a chip or dent when the guitar is sent to you, quickly snap a photo and send it to us, we’ll indemnify you. But if we’ve tracked a damage unreported, it will be a RM400 charge onwards. So pls. Just report it.
6. Are the strings new ? Do I need to change the strings ?
- our guitars come fully setup by professionals. These settings are the recommended settings from the makers of each individual guitars. They typically come with new elixir strings , but if you feel that the current strings are not up to your standards , there’s normally a pack of new strings in the case. Feel free to change them.
7. Can I choose the 3 days rental but extend it later ?
- depending on the availability, but the short answer is yes, you can.
8. Are you guitars original ?
- of course. All models are accurate to the posting. But feel free to confirm details with us for things that are not in the listing ( ie. cabinet types for amps , as we’ll rent what’s suitable for the head )
9. I’m really in love with the guitar, can I buy it ?
- yes ! We actually have a lease to own option for all guitars here.
10. Why is it that there’s some guitars that don’t have the 3 days option ?
- extremely high end guitars cost over RM20,000 ( some even RM43,000) to purchase, however, instead of us increasing the price by 10x, we’re just asking for you to rent from us for a week instead of 3 days. Plus, it’ll give you a nicer loving intimate session for you and the guitar!
11. Why are some of yours ad’s advertising the brand instead of model ?
- for ads that we advertise models , this means that we only have THAT specific model . If it’s a brand advertisement, means we have more then one model in our inventory.
12. So how do I go about it ? Send us a message on messenger ( we use messenger for now instead of whatsapp to verify your FB profile, once the verification is done, John himself will arrange to whatsapp you to confirm details )

PLEASE MAKE APPOINTMENT ( NO WALK-INS) 57 Jalan Beluntas , Medan Damansara
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